Version 0.183

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Added[edit | edit source]

Enemy factions will attack your city more often when you have very bad relationship with them.


Character appearance creation when start a new game.

Wealth of a faction will be saved.

Fixed[edit | edit source]

Bug fix: After load a game there are too many bandit armies.

Bug fix: A strange save/load bug that makes the game load nothing else than the players equipment(doesn't happen to everyone)

Bug fix: Acog scope not aligned for some weapons after reload the weapon.

Bug fix: AI armies or the player sink underground or fly in the sky.

Bug fix: Price tag does not match the actual cost.

Bug fix: Units not healing while in garrison.

Bug fix: Pozna snipers holding the rifle reversed.

Changed[edit | edit source]

New desktop BG.

Reduced footstep volume.

Removed the "Mount Stuck".