Version 0.180

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Hi everyone,

We finally finished V0.180!

This version has significantly improved game balance and many major changes over the game.

Added[edit | edit source]

Can give unit special items to increase morale and health.

Enemy faction generals (Companions that can be captured)

Added some new units (Combat medic, female fighters, mercenaries...)

AI armies can capture prisoners.

Auto-deployment and auto-combat system (AI commanding player squads)

World map vehicles to increase traveling speed.

Added music for the world map.

Added gambling (Blackjack)

Generic side missions (Eliminate bandits, deliver items, train soldiers, capture prisoners...)

Add a new faction (Chernivkan Front Rebels)

Can totally eliminate a faction.

More facial textures and player character will have a random look when start a new game.

Changed[edit | edit source]

Improved game balance and progression curve.

Improved grand strategy elements (enemy factions also operate based on financial situation).

Reduced casualty rate and enhanced soldier leveling system.

Soldiers are more different from each other (Example, FCA Heavy Infantry has incredible armor but lack accuracy, Pozna Sharpshooter has good accuracy but lack armor, Atov night ops can see better at night, grenadiers can throw grenades).

Can store items in owned towns.

Battle maps have increased visibility range, less trees.

Better trading.

Improved UI.

Fixed[edit | edit source]

Scope bug fixed.

Armies on the world map will be saved.

Many minor improvements and bug fixes.