Version 0.161

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Developer Notes[edit | edit source]

We will keep hunting down bugs and improving the current features.

Fixed[edit | edit source]

-Bug Fix: Glove icon won't display when equipped.

-Bug Fix: Garrison units doesn't save.

-Bug Fix: Some localization bugs.

-Bug Fix: Companion disappeared after getting injured in combat.

-Bug Fix: The world map icons disappeared before entering the combat.

-Bug Fix: Fixed some scopes.

-Bug Fix: Disband unit bug fix.

-Bug Fix: Sometimes the hitmarker doesn't show.

-Bug Fix: Injured units cannot enter combat.

Added[edit | edit source]

-Add 2 more small maps.

Changed[edit | edit source]

-Party window UI improvements.

-Replaced Mosinka model.

-Show equipment info when hovered on the npc equipment slots.