Version 0.132

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Update v0.132 - Mission, animations, multi-squad selection and more[edit | edit source]

Hi everyone, We have uploaded update v0.132!

Added & Removed[edit | edit source]

  • Added 1 generic mission(Escort VIP).
  • Added 1 skirmish map(grass/mountain mix).
  • Added pistol animations.
  • Added unarmed animations.
  • Added MK-SL gun.
  • Added sights for most guns.
  • Adjusted hand animations when holding weapons.
  • Adjusted sights and accuracy for guns.
  • Re-made Berezno terrain.
  • Removed mouse smoothing.
  • When entering skirmishes, your tactical camera starts centred over your position.
  • Can select multiple squads in map view when holding Left Shift.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Renamed G1 to R3, and Mac-11 to MNC-11.
  • Decreased AI accuracy. Decreased the chance of rainy weather.
  • Bug Fix: Game stuck after auto-resolve.
  • Bug Fix: RPG can't be equipped.
  • Bug Fix: Companions drifting slowly when idle.
  • Bug Fix: T-pose on Party window.
  • Bug Fix: Invisible clothes.
  • Bug Fix: The size of the army isn't shown on Party window.

Announcements[edit | edit source]

Welcome to our official Forum and improve the game together with us: !