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Factions vie for control of the nation, all with the goal of establishing their own hegemony over the remnants of the country. You control your own faction, which you name and select the flag for. Then it's a matter of conquering the rest of the map.

Relations[edit | edit source]

You begin the campaign as one of several factions, without any towns under your control. The other factions will start off as neutral, except the bandits and Uman terrorists. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, visible in the faction information panel. These are useful guidelines for tailoring your squads roster and deployment when you move against them.

Faction relations change according to your activities. Attacking a faction gives you a major malus to relationships, and eventually causes them to become openly hostile. Hostile factions will not allow you to enter their towns to trade and will demand payment for passage. Their overland units will also intercept you from time to time and demand a ransom in order to let you pass.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Name Flag Starting Towns Starting Relations Strengths Weaknesses
Pozna Battalion Pozna Flag.svg
  • Lubni
  • Sencha
  • Free Cossacks Army (Hostile)
  • Chernivkan Front Rebellion (Hostile)
Weapons with better range and accuracy. Lack support firepower and heavy infantry.
Atov Revolution Forces Atov Flag.svg
  • Chernivka
  • Zhaskhkiv
  • Antopil
  • Zinkov
  • Free Cossacks Army (Hostile)
  • Uman Brotherhood (Hostile)
  • Chenivkan Front Rebellion (Hostile)
Has heavily armored infantry and strong firepower. Lack of artillery support and close combat units.
Bandits Bandit.png
  • All factions (hostile)
Large in numbers. Lack training, equipment and experience.
Uman Brotherhood Uman Flag.svg
  • Drobin
  • Berezno
  • Babin
  • Smolyanka
  • Player (Hostile)
  • Free Cossacks Army (Hostile)
  • Atov Revolution Forces (Hostile)
  • Chenivkan Front Rebellion (Hostile)
Large in number and experienced combatants. Lack of advanced equipment.
Free Cossacks Army Cossack Flag.svg
  • Litvin
  • Dubno
  • Bandits (Hostile)
  • Atov Revolution Forces (Hostile)
  • Pozna Battalion (Hostile)
  • Uman Brotherhood (Hostile)
Has good close combat units and grenadiers provide long-range support. Lack of long-range sharpshooters.
Chenivkan Front Rebellion Chenivka Flag.svg
  • Minov
  • Atov Revolution Forces (Hostile)
  • Pozna Battalion (Hostile)
  • Uman Brotherhood (Hostile)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Faction flags